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Warrior Two

A healthful life is within reach.


How We Got Here

Life is sure funny in how it throws us parts and pieces,

and we are to put the puzzle together to identify who we are and our purpose in

this one great, big, beautiful life.

So many factors in Julie's life over the last decade led her to be placed perfectly here

as the creator of Lifecycle Health & Well-Being. 

Since its creation in 2020, Lifecycle has offered effective and empowering offerings to support

overall well-being, nutrition journeys, and strength & conditioning goals.

We're glad you're here, and we hope you stay awhile. 

Where you can find us in the community

Trainer in a group setting at Burn Boot Camp

Personal trainer & small group instructor at Princeton Club

Fitness class instructor at MSCR

Strength coach (emphasis on ACL injury prevention) with SC Wave

Personal trainer at Studio Melt (booked through Lifecycle)

Nutrition coach directly through Lifecycle Health & Well-Being


Madison, WI

Instagram: @julie_lifecycle

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